Fundamentals of SIP (FoSIP)


SIP training, Session Initiation Protocol training course by TONEX provides an overview of SIP, its components, and how it works. It covers data networking principles to telco engineers and signaling principles to IP engineers.

Ders süresi 3 gün

Ders İçeriği

  Section 1: SIP Overview

  Section 2: SIP Component

  Section 3: Basic Call flow

  Section 4: Wireshark Usage For SIP Analysis

  Section 5: RTP Analysis

  Section 6: SIP Method

  Section 7: SDP Overview

  Section 8: SIP Headers

  Section 9: Response Codes

  Section 10: Dtmf 

  Section 11: SIP Nat/Stun/Turn/Ice

  Section 12: SIP Forking

  Section 13: SIP Security

  Section 14: WEB RTC

  Section 15: DNS/Enum

  Section 16: ITSP

  Section 17: Sip Trunk and SBC

  Section 18: SIP Attacks

Ön Koşullar

Working knowledge of converged voice, video, and data networks 

Kurs Hedefleri

After completing this course, you should be able to:

●  Understand basics of VoIP

●  Explore Where, why, and how SIP is used

●  Comprehend the basics of SIP

●  Understand the architect and components of SIP


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